Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hawaii Day 5 - 1/25

We woke up really early, as we had a very big adventurous day ahead of us.  Happy 40th to me!

We left our AirBnB around 5:45 AM.  We got our breakfast our host packed for us and we were on our way to Laihana.

This was the moon behind us, as we checked in and got ready for our Ultimate Whale Watch Tour!

Our awesome breakfast of fresh fruits that our host packed for us, all from her yard and so tasty!

It was 7am and finally time for our trip!  I'm wearing a dress that John bought for me from a local Hawaiian designer and it was so comfortable!

Sunrise over the mountains, simply beautiful!

We spotted several right away!  They are so majestic!

Our tour guides advised us to say this phrase if we spotted a whale: "There she blows!"

This one pretty much followed the barge for a bit.

Sun all the way up and looking gorgeous in Maui!

Loving this time!

Now, this view was so gorgeous, it almost looks fake!!

AND, with the whale up front, it was perfect!

WOW! This was right before it breached!

Then, we got this treat, of a whale blowhole with a rainbow!

So pretty!

Then we had two males fighting over a female with a baby!  Simply breathtaking!
Also, a little aggressive at times!

Next up, my birthday lunch.  We went back to the plantation where we did our zipline tour as so many people were talking about The Mill.  So, a quick search on OpenTable and I got a reservation!

This was the photo of the restaurant.  It is located at the Maui Tropical Plantation.

The views are so gorgeous and there are ducks in that fountain!

 Oh happy day!

I'm not really sure if I've ever been in 85 degree weather on my birthday.  It was simply beautiful!

John got some fancy coffee since we were unable to get some before our whale tour.

I opted for a cocktail that the guide on our whale watch told me about.  It didn't disappoint!

 First up: pork shank rillette.  Pretty tasty.

Hubby got Chickpea Panisse, woah it was so good I took a photo of the menu to try and recreate later!

I opted for mushroom ravioli with greens, truffle oil and quinoa.  So good!

Next up a yummy white wine! 

The views though!!
The views were just gorgeous.

The flowers, trees, it was all so beautiful!  A perfect lunch!

Loved this place and highly recommend!

Next up!  Complete Island helicopter tour!

The West Maui mountains are gorgeous!

We even saw whales from the helicopter🐳

Then a view you cannot believe.... a rainbow!

Rainbows and waterfalls!

Then a double rainbow!!!

Road to Hana area.

More beautiful scenery!

East side of Maui.

Nice houses ;)
 What a ride!

We went to a beach to try and see turtles, but they weren't out, but sunset was beautiful!

And another double rainbow on the walk back to the car!

Next, we stopped in Paia for dinner at Flatbread Company!

First up, birthday bubbles!

We split this half pork/half chicken with amazing goat cheese!

And to end this day, with a perfect Pinot Grigio!

What an excellent day!  We went back to our AirBnB, hung out on the lanai and star gazed and chatted with the hosts for a bit and went to bed, ready for our next adventure tomorrow.  Next up, Big Island!